Corporate trainings for business

years of experience in practical psychology
years of experience in coaching
used methods of psychology
language in free possession: Russian, English and French
Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence (EI) in corporate life is key to being an effective and high-performing organization member.

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Effective Goal Setting

Participants will realize the ways emotional intelligence development increases effectiveness of goal setting.

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Effective Communication

This training looks at the ways development of emotional intelligence lifts communication level and provides tool for being effective in the workplace.

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Change Management

Training helps you toIt is a practical course that will teach you realize your ways of behavior in the situation of change

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Decision Making

It is a practical course that will teach you make time-effective decisions bringing the best results to the business.

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Effective Motivation

This training will help managers become more effective at creating a positive motivational environment, to increase performance of a department or the whole company via non-financial motivation.

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Time Management

Being a synthesis of knowledge and expertise gained during 16 years of applied psychology practice, this training embraces various approaches, practical exercise, and home assignments.

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Public Speaking

This training is a result of knowledge and professional expertise gained during 16 years of applied psychology practice and training. It is devoted to self-presentation, public speaking and emotional intelligence development.

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Relationship Building

This training will help obtain the competence of managing team’s spirit/energy.

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Effective Leadership

A manager faces the necessity to distribute their own resources and those of the team to solve a wide range of tasks.

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Stress Management

Stress is nowadays one of the main management problems for organizations across the globe.

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Service Excellence

This training gives a feel of and an opportunity to elaborate all the stages of working with a client.

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